Queen's Health Outreach: Guyana Initiative

Meet the Peer Educators! 


Meet Isabelle:

Isabelle just finished her first year at Queen’s and will be majoring in health studies. She has always been passionate about education and has become even more interested in health after being a volunteer and a co-operative education student in two hospitals in Toronto last year. She has learned so much through QHO this year and she is beyond excited to apply all of her acquired knowledge and training in Berbice this spring. Isabelle is thrilled about the opportunity to encourage health based discussions and youth leadership in the schools and communities in which her team will be participating, and looks forward to learning just as much from them.


Meet Logan:

Logan has just completed his final year of studying Kinesiology at Queen’s University, and is hoping to work in the field of medicine. Logan’s studies within the faculty of Kinesiology have given him the ability to learn and explore the multi-faceted perspectives of health. As health is his passion, he is extremely excited to be heading to Berbice, Guyana to facilitate discussions with students on a peer-to-peer basis. Specifically, he is ecstatic to execute important and invaluable lessons pertaining to mental, sexual and physical health in the community. Logan is excited to be immersed in the Guyanese culture, and hopes to learn just as much from the community as he has to teach for the next 7 weeks! 


Meet Hannah:

Hannah just finished her undergraduate degree in Life Sciences and hopes to pursue a career in healthcare, with a focus on mental health and the social determinants of health. Her Life Sciences courses have allowed her to study many different aspects of health, which she is hoping to put to use in Berbice for 7 weeks this summer. After spending the year preparing lessons and learning about Guyanese culture, Hannah can't wait to learn even more and see what this experience has in store!


Meet Caitlin: 

Caitlin has just completed her third year at Queen’s studying Biology, and is hoping to pursue a career in health care after she graduates. Caitlin’s passion for health care and working with people inspired her to apply to QHO. After spending the school year preparing for the initiative, she is so excited to spend 7 weeks in Berbice with such an amazing group of likeminded people! Caitlin is eager to facilitate thoughtful discussions regarding mental, sexual and physical health, and is looking forward to the opportunity to learn more about the Guyanese culture.



Meet Sarah:

Sarah just finished her first year in Honours Arts at Queen’s, where she hopes to pursue Health Studies. Her adaptability, quick-thinking, and passion for equal access to healthcare and education is what inspires her to pursue a career in emergency medicine in the future. This same passion is what inspired her to apply for QHO. Sarah is excited to facilitate discussions about physical and sexual health, but she is most excited to talk with students about mental health in order to engage in conversations that reduce stigma and barriers to accessible care. She cannot wait to be immersed in Guyanese culture and apply what she has learned to her future global initiatives to Australia and New Zealand. Sarah hopes that her time in Guyana gives a face to the content she learns at Queen’s to broaden her understanding of health. She is grateful to all her teammates going to Georgetown and Berbice for the comradery, strength, and laughs they have all had together, and can’t what to see what the next 7 weeks have in store for them!


Meet Avery:

Avery has just finished her undergraduate degree in Health Studies at Queen’s University. She is passionate about health and education, and particularly gender advocacy within these areas. In the Fall, Avery will be moving to the United Kingdom to pursue a role in Gender Equity Consulting. Avery, alongside Alexa, Sarah and Georgia, will be teaching in Georgetown. She hopes to raise awareness for mental and physical health advocacy and leadership within the communities and classrooms she is working in and inspire young people to lead happy and healthy lives. Avery is extremely grateful to everyone who is able to make this initiative possible – from the QHO team to friends, family and donors alike – and cannot wait for the next 7 weeks!


Meet Georgia:

Georgia just finished her second year in a life sciences major and global development studies minor at Queen's. She is passionate about global health and hopes to pursue a career in medicine in the future. She is very excited to work and learn with her fellow peer educators in Georgetown for 7 weeks. She is anticipating being able to use the skills she has developed in her studies and throughout her training with QHO for the past year to facilitate discussions around mental, physical and social health.


Meet Alexa:

Alexa has just finished her second year at Queen’s studying biology and math in the Con-Ed program. She plans on being a high school math teacher and cannot wait to interact with the students in Guyana and participate in peer to peer education. After a year of preparation, Alexa is so excited to experience Georgetown, make connections in the community, and work alongside her amazing teaching partners to facilitate important health discussions! Alexa is so grateful for QHO and cannot wait to integrate all that she has learned into her time on initiative.